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Minerals Trading
Connecting Resources with Responsibility

Our procurement strategy is rooted in responsible sourcing and global trading excellence, bridging African resources with the world markets. BISY sources and exports a diverse array of minerals, including: Lithium, Copper, Iron Ore, Gold and other key minerals, from some of the most prominent resource basins in Africa. We are deeply committed to ethical practices, partnering exclusively with responsible miners to ensure that our operations consistently meet stringent international standards.


What Are the Primary Sources of Our Traded Minerals?





BISY Lithium Mines
African Lithium Specialists

We actively invested in small to medium-scale Lithium mines across numerous African countries, with a strong emphasis on forming partnerships with local communities. Throughout the production of our Lithium ores and concentrates we focus on achieving consistent, cost-effective production that adheres to international quality standards. Our product offering includes three main lithium types: Spodumene, Lepidolite, and Amblygonite. 


Building on our extensive involvement in the Lithium sector across Africa, we established ourselves as leading expert in African Lithium. Our lithium activities alone span eight African countries, showcasing our commitment to exploring and harnessing the continent's rich Lithium resources. Furthermore, BISY has conducted comprehensive geological tests in several geographies, gaining in-depth knowledge of the regional Lithium deposits. This expertise is further enhanced by our rigorous laboratory testing procedures, where we meticulously assess the lithium's Li2O% and their associated minerals. These dedicated efforts and scientific approaches have solidified BISY's position as a foremost authority in the African Lithium sector, enabling us to contribute significantly to the global Lithium market while fostering sustainable and mutually beneficial partnerships with local communities.

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Artisanal Miners & Local Cooperatives
Partners in Sustainable Mining 

Our commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing extends to our profound collaboration with artisanal miners and cooperatives across Africa. These small-scale miners play a crucial role in the mining industry, often working in very remote areas and villages to extract the most valuable minerals.Understanding the importance of community involvement, we engage with cooperatives that are not just well-organized, but also fully compliant with legal standards. 


By conducting meticulous sampling and rigorous laboratory testing, we guarantee the quality of minerals procured. Our engagement varies from spot trading, allowing for immediate procurement, to establishing medium and long-term contracts, thereby ensuring a stable and reliable source of income for these miners.In essence, our partnership with artisanal miners and cooperatives is more than just a business transaction; it's a commitment to fostering sustainable practices, supporting local communities, and contributing positively to the economic development of the regions we operate in.


Private Mining Companies
Value-Driven & Symbiotic Partnerships for Global Trade 

BISY actively engages in purchasing minerals from private mining companies across Africa, forming an integral part of our business model. Our relationships with these companies are not just collaborative but also transactional, as we buy their mineral outputs for global distribution. This process involves leveraging our expansive network to ensure these minerals find their rightful place in the international market. Our involvement extends to assisting in quality enhancement, ensuring the products we purchase meet global standards. This mutual exchange allows us to deliver excellence to our clients while offering these private miners lucrative market opportunities and the benefit of our extensive expertise in global trade dynamics. Through these partnerships, BISY reinforces its commitment to fostering growth and sustainability in the African mining industry.


Spot Trading  |  Buy Side
Streamlined Acquisition for Quality Mineral Stocks in Africa

BISY's spot trading is specifically designed for producers with high-quality mineral assets or stocks who seek a reliable buyer for their cargo, particularly when facing irregular production cycles. We stand ready to rapidly purchase mineral stocks that meet our comprehensive criteria, ensuring a seamless and advantageous transaction for those with quality resources. We encourage market participants with such assets to reach out to us with the necessary details: complete mineral descriptions, packaging specifications, lab test results, available volumes, and location information. Providing these details will enable us to promptly assess and potentially extend an offer for your stock, making BISY your go-to partner for efficient and trustworthy spot trading solutions.

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