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BISY Group is an international conglomerate with strategically positioned offices and specialized support teams. Our expertise lies in mining investments and commodity trading, where we apply our in-depth regional knowledge and global perspective.


Our decentralized structure enables simultaneous operations across various African countries, managing extensive mining projects and the exportation of a wide range of mineral resources. As an Africa-centric group, we explore targeted mining investment opportunities and offer strategic consultancy services to government bodies and corporate sectors, delivering technical assessments and valuable industry insights.

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BISY Group boasts a dynamic presence, operating both directly and indirectly across a multitude of African nations.

Our expansive operational footprint, alongside a diverse Strategic Consultancy Client Base encompasses the following countries:

  • Republic of MALI

  • Federal Republic of NIGERIA

  • Republic of EGYPT

  • United Republic of TANZANIA

  • Republic of ZIMBABWE

  • Democratic Republic of the CONGO

  • Republic of UGANDA

  • Republic of RWANDA

  •  Federal Democratic Republic of ETHIOPIA

  • Republic of SOUTH AFRICA

  • Republic of SOUTH SUDAN

  • Republic of MOZAMBIQUE

  • Republic of BURUNDI


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